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Reasons to Choose Concrete Rainwater Tanks

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If you are looking for an underground option for a water tank it is highly advisable to make use of a concrete rainwater tank for the following reasons:

-The concrete tanks are the only types that are resistant to bush fires

-They can be placed in the ground easily

-The tank naturally reduces the acidity normally found in rainwater

-It will keep your water at a much lower temperature

-The water will be virtually bacteria free because it is kept at a much lower temperature

-Concrete rainwater tanks have been proven to outlast most of its competitors

Underground concrete rainwater tanks have the ability to keep your water dark and extremely cold. This fact alone has proven that the water present in these tanks is free from, cryptosporidium, Legionnaires disease and algae. When these items are present in water they have the ability to make you very ill.

Concrete tanks are a great option to use in areas that are usually prone to bush fires. The advantages of the concrete outweigh other materials such as metal, fiberglass or plastic. The concrete tanks are the only tanks approved for been placed in ground. This enhances the cooling effect on the water and allows you to free up space on your property.

In recent studies it has been proven that plastic tanks that hold rainwater is usually highly acidic, this water then corrodes copper pipes found in households. This reaction of the acidic water and copper causes dissolved copper to enter the drinking water. Copper poisoning can cause headaches, gastric problems and even cirrhosis related to the liver in more severe cases.

Concrete tanks have the ability to leach lime deposits into the water which naturally reduces the acidic content of the water. Making this type of water much safer to use and drink.