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Top Tips On Making Use Of Rainwater

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There are various ways in which you can make use of rainwater. To begin harvesting rainwater you would need to follow a few steps. The first would be to determine the average of rainfall your particular area receives in a year.

The next step would be to determine how much water your garden will need. You could make use of a water supply system that has dual function. This will mean the water can be automatically topped up from your main water supply when the levels fall below a certain level.

Preparing Your Roof

You will need to find out if your roofs surface is safe for collecting rainwater of a higher quality. Some roofs have coatings that are tar based or painted with a paint that contains elements of lead. Your roof will need to be non-toxic in order to collect rain water safely. If your roof is made from steel sheets, cement tiles, concrete, clay or composite tiles these materials are considered safe for rain water collection.

Preparing Your Gutters

To prevent debris and leaves from blocking up your gutters install a mesh into your gutters. The screening material should allow in adequate sunlight and be of a fire proof type of material. Fix outlets for your gutters on the underside of your gutter to avoid any obstructions in water flow and this will assist in the correct drainage.

Rain Water Tanks

The size of your tank should fit into the space you have available as well as the money you have to spend on the system. The tank should be made out of a dark material where no light can enter. The positioning of the tank should be in a shady area. Any openings in the tanks should be fitted with mesh screens or lids.

Maintenance of Your Tank

To ensure good quality water you will need to clean the tank at least once a year to avoid accumulation of sediment. The components such as water diverters, rain heads and gutters should be checked and maintained on a regular basis.