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Water Treatment Systems

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Water is the most essential part of our lives and using healthy or unhealthy water can affect your health. The quality of water can change from one place to another so first of all, you need to check the quality of your water. There are several water testing labs in every area so you should take your home tap water to that lab and get it tested. If you find any issue with the quality of your home water, you must get it treated. The best way to get your water treated is by water treatment systems.

There are many different types of water treatment systems which you may choose from. But you must know which system is most suitable for you. Before you get any water treatment system, you need to check the quality of your water. First of all, find out the source from where you are getting water because the water treatment system will vary depending on that.

If your water is coming from well, you need to treat it from the well as well. You can add chlorine to your well water which will remove harmful bacteria from the water. Also, you can install a home filter with the kitchen tap and let your water be filtered once more before you use it. You may also couple this kitchen filter with solid carbon block drinking water system.

If you have a small water tank from which you drink water. You can add chlorine in this tank which will remove algae, bacteria and fungi from the tank and keep water clean. This is the most inexpensive water treatment system. If you notice any turbidity, dirt or other organic materials in your water tank or well, it is better to install a micron pre-filter in the well or tank. This will remove any bigger chunks of dirt to enter tap.

Remember that all good RO and distiller units are equipped with good carbon filtration which removes any bacteria or other such contamination from water. You also need to determine few things before getting any water treatment system; check if your area is getting water from surface water or ground water. Ground water is cleaner as compared to surface water so you will need less treatment for that. Surface water may be more contaminated and need more treatment.

In some cases, fluoride is added in area water to make it contaminated but always remember that it is not a healthy thing to be added in water. Check with your area administration and if they have added fluoride in water, you must get a home water treatment system which is coupled with RO technology and solid carbon block. This will eliminate the effect of fluoride from water.

You also need to check your home plumbing system and make sure the pipes are separate from drinking water pipes. These issues need to be checked after few months because health should always be given priority and water is the main cause of healthy body.