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Specifying: Why & When to Specify ATQ Solutions

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One of the most important decisions for any large-scale build or construction site comes long before a single hole has been dug or piece of machinery operated. The significance of specifying a company, product and solution that doesn’t just satisfy the constraints of a particular site, but offers the best possible answer to those constraints, cannot […]

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Confirmed: 7 out of 10 engineers prefer to specify precast systems over block & slab. Here’s why.

Onsite Stormwater Detention systems have gone through major changes and innovations over the past 5 years, culminating in the rise of precast systems developed in response to the pitfalls of their more traditional counterpart, the block & slab method. The three most commonly listed benefits of precast systems, acknowledged by project managers and contract administrators alike, […]

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The Simple Tanks That Are Solving Complex Commercial Waste Management Issues


Australian Tanks is leading the way when it comes to large-scale trade waste arrestor solutions, and they have a clear philosophy that’s helping them do it. With their new range of trade waste arrestor tanks, they are helping reduce long-term project costs and getting jobs done faster and installed easier. The vulnerability any build site faces  Most […]

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Trade Waste Arrestors – Tailored Solution Success


Platinum Hydraulics were recently commissioned to provide the hydraulic design for the Trade Waste Arrestor package for the new Westfield Coomera Shopping Centre precinct in South East Queensland.Challenges with this particular site included deep invert levels which create significant hydrostatic pressures.Due to the highly specified engineering of the Australian Tanks heavy duty anti-floatation designs, no […]

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Sump Requirements for OSD


Sump Requirements for On Site Detention SystemsHave you had a Development Approval come back recently with the amended requirement for a Sump under the OSD tank outlet?We have seen this happening more and more frequently in the past six months, which has instigated serious Research and Development here at Australian Tanks in order to find […]

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Modular On Site Detention System Vs Block & Slab


​Traditionally, OSD installers have heavily relied on ‘block and slab’ solutions to build On Site Detention tanks and systems. As the necessity for On Site Detention systems has increased, so too has the reliance on those traditional labour and time-intensive block and slab detention tanks. And, as with all demand increases, the costs have increased for […]

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Prepping The Site For Underground Concrete Tanks


Prepping The Site For Underground Concrete TanksWhen it comes to both rural areas and city sites, underground concrete tanks are becoming quite popular in regards to the way people are collecting water. The benefits are great, and it is definitely a great space saver for those who just can not have an above ground tank. […]

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​Australian Tanks has launched a new, lower cost 25000 litre. Cost rationalisation and new volume ordering has enabled us to bring to clients a new tank with the same unique anit-floatation base that we are known for; with the same quality build and superior attention to detail that clients have come to expect from us. […]

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Site Preparation for Underground Concrete Tanks


Concrete tanks are more commonly associated to rural areas. However, over the years they are now used in city areas. The types of concrete tanks used are normally placed underneath back and front yards and driveways. These precast tanks have a great advantage of being able to contain water in large volumes. Properties that have little […]

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Special Introductory Offer

At Australian Tanks we have come to understand that once a client tries Australian Tanks the first time we generally get most of those clients coming back and purchasing again and again.In the last four years we have continued to focus on being a total service organisation and we endeavour to really look after our […]

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