​Precast Fire Tanks Arundel - Gold Coast, Qld


An existing property required a massive upgrade in Fire Services with 330,000L tanks to run the new sprinkler system.

With limited space, underground water storage location was under the existing car park, creating the need for very efficient site operation from excavation to completion.


  • ​Multiple tank installation using the gibault connection method and aligning the tank bases onsite to align the stubs, ready for a quick connection
  • ​Gibaults allow for +/-4° deflection each end


  • ​Fully installed in 1 ½ days – one tank placed every 30mins on average
  • ​Australian Tanks precast alternative
  • ​Trafficable by fully loaded semi-trailer, based on the SM1600 design load ratings
  • ​Anti-floatation


  • ​13 x 25,000L precast Australian Tanks
  • ​2 x pump pits
  • ​Gibaults and connections
  • All penetrations, risers and access frames
  • All sealant supplied for installation