​Bloomers Constructions

​Sewer Holding Chamber - ​Manly West, Qld


​With these Sewer Holding Chambers provided on the plan as build-on-site, the unique site requirements proved this solution to be unworkable in time and cost efficiencies.


Three (3) x precast 7000L tanks provided as an inter-connectable stormwater detention systemAustralian Tanks provided a precast solution using two (2) 20,000L tanks. Both tanks are fully trafficable and anti-floatation with all benching, coating and connections in place prior to installation. As a precast solution, installation was complete within one (1) hour and fifteen (15 minutes), further offering time, cost and site OHS savings


  • ​Arrival Onsite at 12:05pm
  • ​Fully installed by 1:20pm
  • ​Anti-floatation and trafficable by a fully loaded semi-trailer
  • ​Onsite efficiencies and project savings showing this solution to be more cost effective than original built-onsite system


  • ​Australian Tanks 20,000L (x 2)
  • ​Inter-connectable precast tanks with coating and benching
  • ​All penetrations, risers and access frames
  • All sealant supplied for installation
  • T44 traffic rated