Grease Trap-Trade Waste Arrestor

Trade Waste Arrestor Applications

ATQ Arrestor 5d
ATQ Arrestor 5c
ATQ Arrestor 2a

​All ATQ Arrestor systems are designed and fabricated to local and state regulation specifications, and are coated with Megapoxy MC, a heavy duty protective coating for use on concrete when used for storage for chemicals, foodstuffs, fuel etc and is resistant to abrasion, impact and a wide range of chemicals.

Grease Trap Arrestor
Our Grease Traps are installed in commercial service and manufacturing environments such as the automotive industry, food manufacturing facilities, kitchens, restaurants and retail food service to trap grease, oil and contaminants before they enter waste and water pipelines to prevent build-up and damage to the waste lines, water treatment facilities, and the environment.

Silt Arrestors
The Silt Arrestor acts as a filter system with an internal (removable) strainer. With a steel grate and frame cover located into ground level of wash down bays, Silt Arrestors are used in kitchens, food preparation areas, commercial and bin wash bays, auto and mechanic repair workshops, and car/truck wash bays.

Cooling Arrestors
Our Cooling (straining) Arrestor is suitable for when warm/hot waste water needs to be retained until it has cooled to a legally acceptable temperature prior to be discharged into the water or sewer systems. With two chambers, the first is a straining chamber to trap lint and foreign objects before the waste water enters the second chamber, being the cooling chamber.

Main uses for a Cooling Arrestor is in combination with Lint Arrestors used in laundries, hospitals, hotels, nursing homes and commercial venues.

Lint Arrestors
Lint Arrestors with removable straining baskets are installed wherever lint and other foreign objects require removal from wastewater, such as hospitals, aged care, nursing homes, hospices, and hotels, motels, commercial laundries and laundromats.

The Australian Tanks Lint Arrestors are also designed to cool the flow of water to lower the temperature of the waste to meet legal requirements.

Acid Neutralisers
The ATQ Acid Neutralising Arrestor is our holding tank used to normalise the pH level of waste water that contains high levels of acid before being discharged into waste water and sewer pipelines. Fabricated with three internal baffles, filled with acid neutralising marble chips (sold separately), the three baffles propel the liquid and acidic waste through the tank and filters past the marble chips. This method neutralises the acid and allows pH balanced water to safely discharge.

Multiple and varied applications for the Acid Neutralising Arrestor include any industry generating acidic waste water such as laboratories, battery storage, art/craft workshops, metal industry workshops, and agricultural industries such as diaries.

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​Trade Waste Arrestor Design and Ratings ​

Anti Floatation Design
The full range of Australian Tanks Trade Waste Arrestors, Tanks, Ring Pits and Pump Stations are a ‘single pour’ precast concrete tank, constructed with a built-in anti-floatation base where no additional ballast is required for installation in high water table areas.

The unique anti-floatation design provides on-site efficiencies and financial savings from potentially not having to manage water trucks on-site to add ballast in the tanks (May still be required prior to backfilling depending on the water height), and not requiring project management of concrete trucks to pour and tie in a ballast footing.

Protective Coating  
All Australian Tanks Arrestor systems are precast concrete and coated with Megapoxy MC, a heavy duty protective coating for use on concrete when used for storage for chemicals, foodstuffs, fuel etc and is resistant to abrasion, impact and a wide range of chemicals.

Regulation Compliant
Designed and fabricated to local and state regulation specifications and approved for use by multiple Councils.

Extra Heavy Duty - Underground & Trafficable
​Australian Tanks are regularly requested to replace tanks that have
been driven over and damaged.

Many times these tanks have been installed in non-trafficable areas,
such as parks and school ovals, but have been inadvertently driven over, only to find the tank has been unable to bear weight with the resulting damage requiring new tank installation.

To avoid these damaging risks Australian Tanks provide tanks that are manufactured to Australian Standards (AS5100.2) and are rated up to ‘unrestricted heavy vehicle access’ based on the SM1600​ traffic
design loads;

  • ​Heavy Duty Tank: Rated for where the heaviest vehicle traffic will
    be a 4 axle twin steer truck (Max GVM 27.5t). Example: Garbage
  • ​​​Extra Heavy Duty Tank: Rated up to unrestricted heavy vehicle
    access based on the SM1600 traffic design loads in accordance
    with AS5100.2 Bridge Design Code. Example: Fire Engine
ATQ Arrestor 5
ATQ Arrestor 5a
ATQ Arrestor 2a

​​Trade Water​  Arrestor ​Capacities

​All Arrestor Capacities can be used for Grease, Silt, Lint, Cooling, and Acid Neutralising Arrestor Systems.

​Capacity (Litres)

​Arrestor Order Code

​Width (mm)

​Height (mm)

​Length (mm)

​Lid Height (mm)

​2500 (QLD)



1600 inc Lid



3000 (QLD)



1600 inc Lid



3800 (QLD)



​2000 inc Lid



4600 (QLD)



​1325 inc Lid



5000 (QLD)



​1455 inc Lid



​5000 (NSW)



​1325 inc Lid



ATQ Arrestor 2.5KL 3D Temp0012 400x400
ATQ Arrestor 2.5KL 3D Temp0013 400x400
2.5 300x300
ATQ Arrestor 5.0KL 3D TEMP Temp0042 400x400
ATQ Arrestor 5.0KL 3D TEMP Temp0047 400x400
ATQ Arrestor 5.0KL 3D TEMP Temp0054 400x400

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