​Hutchinsons Builders

​Precast Transfer Station - Mackay, Qld


​With stormwater run off from surrounding sites, a rapid install wasessential. Combined with budget constraints, a cost efficient solutionwas required for project maximisation.


  • ​One (1) single pour precast 25,000L Australian Tank
  • ​Supplied fully coated and with pump station installed in one (1) hour and fifteen (15) minutes


  • ​Arrival onsite at 12:05pm
  • ​Fully installed by 1:20pm
  • ​Australian Tanks precast alternative with transfer station installed
  • ​Trafficable by fully loaded semi-trailer
  • Anti floatation


  • ​Australian Tanks 25,000L precast tanks
  • ​Transfer station installed
  • ​Fully coated
  • All penetrations, risers and access frames
  • All sealant supplied for installation
  • T44 traffic rated