​Reidy Constructions

​Stormwater ​Water Pump Station - Wandoan, Qld


​​The project required a storm water package pump station, to be located under a unit development driveway.


  • ​Australian Tanks provided a 20kPa load rated precast concrete tank that was designed to be trafficable by a fully loaded semi-trailer
  • The pump equipment, including all the pipework, valves, upper guide bar brackets, guide rails, discharge connections, pumps, pump lifting chains, and float switches, were fitted in the tank in the Australian Tanks factory


  • ​A complete package pump station was delivered to site that could be placed straight into the excavation​
  • ​The electrical and plumbing connected and be ready for immediate service


  • ​One (1) Australian Tanks 25,000L 20kPa load rated
  • ​Precast anti-floatation concrete tank