Water and Waste Water Management Solutions

Australian Tanks handles all contracts with the same care, courtesy and commitment to successful outcomes whether the job is right next door or on the other side of the country. This approach has allowed us to effectively distribute our products widely throughout Australia.

We search for the most cost effective transport solutions and approach delivery with an attitude of “no area too hard or timing too tight for us to work towards”. Our business model is focused on providing clever, innovative, easy and safe to install solutions.

Australian Tanks is dedicated to producing quality, engineered solutions, working with plumbing, civil and construction contractors to provide custom designed solutions. We work closely with Civil, Hydraulic and Consulting Engineers to find the best solutions to their challenges and are regularly specified in engineering designs and plans. Many of our solutions are signed off by engineers as being more efficient and cost effective alternatives to more traditional specified products.

​    When dealing with Australian Tanks you immediately realise that we understand customer service, loyalty and commitment.
    Quality is of the highest standard.
    Customer focus is our point of difference.

Civil, Construction
& Commercial Solutions

​Australian Tanks work towards supplying the right solution that meets the required specifications and invert levels shown in engineer plans. We deal regularly with Project Managers, Hydraulic, Civil and Structural Engineers to provide the right solution, at the right price, on time every time. A long-term relationship with our clients is important to us.

Defence Water and Waste Water Solutions

​​Australian Tanks has supplied numerous defence sites with most of our range of engineer approved tanks and civil products including water retention systems, sewer and Stormwater pump stations, sewer redundancy holding tanks, various chemical and hydrocarbon spill tanks, fuel separation, wash bays and water holding tanks.

Mining Water and Waste Water Solutions

​Australian Tanks supplies a range of fully kitted sewer pump stations, sewer redundancy holding tanks, various chemical and hydrocarbon spill tanks and water holding tanks to many mining accommodation camps throughout the key Queensland mining sectors across the state.

Residential Concrete Tanks

​Along the Eastern seaboard, and to the mining regions in the West, astute residential buyers regularly use the Australian Tanks range of water and waste water storage tanks, sewer and stormwater pump stations in residential developments – providing effective space saving solutions which are long term and compliant to all local council requirements.