​Coated Fuel Spill Tanks, Chemical Washbay and Cooling Tanks

​The Australian Tanks anti-floatation base and extra heavy duty rating makes the 10,000 or 20,000 litre tank perfect for fuel service stations and fuel depot spill tanks. Australian Tanks takes a solutions approach and can apply tanks with relevant hydrocarbon resistant specified coating.

Our tanks are easy, fast and safe to install under fuel depot driveway areas, ensuring safe install (even when empty) with our T44 Extra Heavy Duty rating. This allows for heavy trucks to safely drive over them. Australian Tanks’ Coated Fuel Spill Tanks are regularly specified in Puma, Caltex and 7-Eleven fuel stations.

The entire Australian Tanks range can be specifically coated to suit many and varied purposes including chemical spill tanks, wash bay tanks and cooling pits.

  • ​T44 Extra Heavy Duty rating. This allows for heavy trucks to safely drive over them​
  • ​Specifically coated with relevant hydrocarbon resistant ​ ​
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Design Services For Increased Capacities 

10 Year Warranty
50 Year Design Life

​​​Enviro Pacific​
Coated Fuel Spill Tanks
The Gap, Qld 

​Enviro Pacific, contractor for a new 7Eleven fuel station at The Gap (Qld), contracted Australian Tanks (ATQ) to supply a 20,000L trafficable and anti-floatation blind sump tank to capture stormwater run-off contaminated with fuel from the areas surrounding fuel bowsers. With no tank specified on the plans, Enviro Pacific sought a solution which met all industry standards and one which would be approved by 7Eleven.

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